Studio update

It’s been officially a year now that we have switched from consulting to full-time working on our products and we couldn’t be happier with the way things have been going since then. Conference Badge and LeanTicket are mature and profitable enough to allow us to focus time and energy on a new product. With an updated homepage to better reflect our new direction and expanded team, we’re all set to embark on our fourth year with high hopes.

Working fulltime on our new product

A year ago we set on the very hard task of fixing email for businesses. Why spend so much time on this? Simply because we feel the pain of dealing with email as a team each day. It’s truly the first “scratch your own itch” idea we push this far, and it’s usually the best ideas to work on.

By bringing the right collaborative features right in email conversations, our app will help companies improve their productivity and transparency with email communication. We’ll start by focusing on other companies similar to ours: small tech-savvy businesses, to make sure we nail the problem.

If you feel there is something broken in your email workflow, and would like to try it out with your team, get in touch at:

Maintaining the other businesses

Apart from working on the email app, our extra time is spent on customer support for Conference Badge and LeanTicket. Most recently, we developed a great little Conference Badge plugin for the newly released Eventbrite Spectrum ecosystem. It’s a much more convenient way to start designing your badges right from the Eventbrite dashboard.

With all that, we’re thankful to have partnered with Antoine who is doing an awesome job at growing remotely the brand from wherever his Olympic journey takes him.

Pushing forward

Our goal since the start of Heliom has always been to live from our own products. Now that we’ve achieved it, we can commit to a crazier idea, an idea that could really change the way people work. The next months are full of uncertainties, but one thing is sure: we’re more than ever feeling the need to push ourselves and believing in our capacity to shape the future.