Heliom welcomes a new partner

Things have been moving fast here at Heliom in the last months! We started working hard on our new collaborative email app, updated ConferenceBadge.com and launched its sister business LeanTicket.com, officially launched Medali.st, and we most importantly took the leap to shut down our client work to be 100% devoted to our products.

Through all this transformation, we’ve developed a great relationship with our friend Philippe Lehoux, who we’ve been working with on most of our products for more than a year now. Well, we’re now very happy to announce his integration as a new partner in Heliom.

Philippe will bring strong development skills, a keen and experienced business acumen, and a hard-working ethic to the team. He helped us grow towards our achievement of being entirely focused on our own products, and he will now help us achieve even higher goals.

We now have a lot on our list for the summer. First and foremost, we will be working hard on our collaborative email app which is planned to soft launch in autumn 2014. Then the heliom.ca homepage will need some rework to better fit with the new direction of the company, and we will keep growing ConferenceBadge.com and its new baby LeanTicket.com. Medali.st will be in full-force and we will help growing our beloved coworking space Abri.co which recently moved in the top office space in Quebec City.

Have a great summer!