Amazing Dribbblers

Dribbble has always been a great source of inspiration for me, but I’ve lately been feeling a bit bored by the high density of trendy angled-ui-screenshots. So here’s a list of a dozen of less known, yet Amazing Dribbblers to help you (and me) reconcile a bit with this website.

Thorbjørn Gudnason

Young designer with a skillset that ranges from branding to photography to web. (FWIW He's also an intern at Sagmeisters & Walsh)

Ben Martineau

His clean style and great typography applied to interfaces and web pages always feels very refreshing.

Brendon Avalos

An eclectic mix of shots that sometimes peak into exquisite delight for your eyes to see.

Matt Pamer

A nice blend of styles into his illustrations makes it feel very unique.

Roger Dario

Looking at this makes me feel happy.

Lukas Haider

A very well executed collection of posters, CD covers and branding from this Austrian multi-disciplinary designer.

Poly Studio

This canadian studio presents very well-executed work, mostly focused on branding and illustration.

Kris Sowersby

This is pure type design at its very best.

Paulo Zoom

A very clean web design portfolio with a very nice selection of responsive projects focused on UI and typography details.

Albin Holmqvist

Great all-around designer with a very nice selection of type oriented shots.

Henning Gjerde

My favorite designer on Dribbble. I don't know what they eat up there in Norway but it seems *very* very good.

Joakim Jansson

A swedish Senior Designer at Bleed Designstudio. Need I say more?

Tell us who are your favorites

These are all people I personally look up to and admire. Feel free to share with us who are your personal favorite dribbblers and help me grow this list. Give us a shout on Twitter or leave it in the comments below!

You can see the list directly on Dribbble.